Plan onceProgress Forever

Mylo is the most flexible workout tool ever. Craft your plan and forget about all the management.

Screenshot of the app schedule.Screenshot of the post training workout report.
Image of someone doing an overhead press along with floating snippets saying: 'Increase reps', 'Increase intensity', 'Update weights', and 'Change sets'.

Weight lifting

3x week12 exercises

Sprint practice

5x week8 exercises


Daily3 exercises




The same image of some doing an overhead press but cut out from the rest of the background.

What athletes are saying

  1. “It offers basically as much customisability as an excel sheet with the functionality of an app.”
  2. “Keeps track of my workouts and being reminder that I have to workout. It motivates me.”
  3. “Most other apps have presets you can only customise to a certain degree (or not at all) before you hit a paywall which makes them unusable to me or they contain tons of ads.”
  4. “I don’t have to think about what I’m doing in the gym, the app knows how many reps, what weight and what exercise I need to do.”


Craft your workout exactly.

Do everything paper and spreadsheets can plus everything they can’t.

Bring your own rep, distance, and time based exercises. Create plans that repeat every day or lasts 15 weeks!

It’s all supported.


Plan for you and others.

You can publish all the workout plans you create and share the link with anyone. With exercise rules, it’s a fully featured plan you can follow right away.

The best part is you can still edit downloaded plans!


Plan once, train forever.

A proper workout varies in frequency, weights, reps, and intensity. With exercise rules, Mylo can manage all that for you automatically.

Of course, you’re always in control and can make your own changes anytime.

Image of someone doing an overhead press along with floating snippets saying: 'Increase reps', 'Increase intensity', 'Update weights', and 'Change sets'.


Free, no catch.

This a personal project of mine and is completely free to use. There are no ads and I don’t care to track you.

Mylo will always be free to use, but I do plan to eventually add more features and value behind a paid tier.


Beyond working out.

Mylo’s plans are so flexible you can add meditation routines, swimming practice, physio sessions, and more to your schedule.

Profile image of me, Maximilien, the guy making Mylo.

Why Mylo?

I wanted something more than just a digital notebook. Something smart enough to handle all the management so that I can focus on training.

It needed to be fully featured, extremely flexible, and never in the way. That’s what I’m building.

If that sounds cool you should try out Mylo.