Stop exercising without a plan
use Mylo

Create and discover workout plans that progress automatically so that you can focus on training.

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Example screenshot of a workout schedule Example screenshot of a workout in progress.
Example names of the workouts you could create: Swimming Practice, Meditation, Fullbody Home Workout, etc.

Create every kind of workout

There are almost no constraints on the kinds of exercises and workouts you can create.

Whatever you can think of, Mylo can manage.

In Mylo you can add progression rules to exercises such as 'Inrease weights by 5kg every workout.'

Plan once, train forever

Add progression rules to your exercises! Watch reps, weights, and more progress automatically as you train.

Never second-guess your workout again.

You can easily generate a unique link for the workouts you make so that you can share them.

Share workouts with anyone

Quickly and easily share workouts with friends, gym partners, clients, or anyone (you can make your workout private anytime).

And with Exercise Rules, you’re sharing dynamic plans that can progress without your supervision.

You can find all kinds of workouts made by others for Mylo.

Find your perfect workout

Every shared workout is available publicly so you can assemble the perfect schedule for you.

Imagine your own warmup, Arnold’s strength training, Phelp’s swim routine, and Copeland’s cool-down stretches!

Explore free workouts
A set of Mylo logos growing.

Even more coming soon!

There’s still so much more Mylo can do to help you reach your fitness goals and I’m hard at work making this possible.

Check back regularly to see what gets added!

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Why Mylo?

Beginner or pro, it should be as simple as possible to exercise and stick to it.

With other apps you still have to manually log your session and then calculate reps, weights, and more for next time. What a hassle!

I think your workout app should be more like an assistant and less like a digital notebook, it should handle all this stuff and let you focus on training.

I’m building Mylo to help anyone find or create the perfect workout to help them reach their health goals.

- Maximilien Monteil

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an iPhone app?

    There isn't a native iPhone app just yet but you can still add Mylo to your homescreen in 3 steps:

    1. Go to the app page ( with Safari
    2. Tap 'Share'
    3. Scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen'
  • Is there a way to find workouts?

    Right now there is the Free Workouts page where you can search for workouts.

    I've added some workouts to the recommended section to help you get started as a beginner, if you have no equipment, or to see the kind of workouts you can create with Mylo. The other section has all the public workouts created by the community.

    You can also add workouts there by sharing the ones you make!

  • How can I see my previous workouts?

    Mylo doesn't store your workout history yet. It is a highly requested feature and I'm working to add it soon.

    You can stay up to date with development progress by checking out the Public Roadmap. You can even leave comments there!

  • I have a feature idea!

    If you have ideas for new features, encounter a bug, or just want to send me a message, you can reach me by email here:, on Twitter @MyloApp, and on Instagram at

  • Is there somewhere we can donate to ensure future support / updates?

    Thank you so much for wanting to donate and support me, I really appreciate it!

    Right now the app is completely free as I continue developing and adding what I believe to be 'core' features. Once those are added I will include some monetization methods (note that I never want to have ads). For now the app and userbase is still rather small so there aren't many costs.