Stay focused on getting stronger

Let Mylo automatically update your workouts so you can focus on what matters.
Currently in beta, launching soon.

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Why Mylo?

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it should be as easy as possible to exercise and stick to it.

There are other apps out there that let you track your workouts but that’s all they do. You still have to manually log what you did then calculate reps, weights, and more for next time.

I think your workout app should be more like an assistant and less like a digital notebook, it should handle all this stuff and let you focus on training.

I’m building Mylo to automate all the hassle around training, no more wondering what you're supposed to do today, next week, or even next year!

Your personal training assistant takes care of it all for you.

Super flexible workout creation

Saw an awesome exercise in a video? Invented your own?

Mylo is here to help you, not limit you, so there are almost no constraints on the kind of exercises or workouts you can create.

Whatever you can think of, Mylo can manage.

Exercise form

Make any exercise and organize them in routines

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Workout form

Organize them into a workout plan

Screenshot of the training view

Start training!

Automatic exercise progression

This isn't just a workout logging app, it’s your personal training assistant.

And with progression rules, you tell Mylo how an exercise should progress and it will take care of it. Of course, you can always take over.

No more second guessing weights or reps.

Exercise form
Exercise rules

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