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  • Starting To Stretch

    Starting To Stretch is the full-body flexibility program that was designed for r/flexibility beginners! It consists of 10 stretches divided into 2 equal parts (upper body and lower body). The focus of the program is on inflexible beginners and their typical needs: Shoulders, Thoracic Spine, Hips, Hamstrings, Wrists and Calves. Almost every of the exercises can be progressed to a specific skill if done long enough. You can follow along with this video: Find the original workout here:

    10 Exercises

    Mo We Fr

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  • r/bwf Recommended Routine

    This is the Recommended Routine as described in the Bodyweight Fitness subreddit ( You can find the full explanation and more details on the official page:

    17 Exercises

    Mo We Fr

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